Rouds can provide you with professional letting agents Sutton Coldfield service that meets all your needs. If you are a landlord and want to let your property, we can help you in getting a suitable tenant at the best price. 
Every month, we analyze the performance of the rental market in Sutton Coldfield. This analysis helps us to increase the return on your investment so that you get the best rental price for the duration of your let. Moreover, we also make sure that all your valuable property assets are protected. 
So when you hire us for your property letting services, we can provide you with: 
1. Proper tenant background checks as per the industry standards 
2. Fully complaint with lettings legislation and safety regulations 
3. Full landlord legal expenses cover up to 6 months 
4. 24/7 legal advice helpline available 
5. Efficient property management service 
6. Recovery of undisputed debt for rent unpaid by a tenant 
7. Regular property inspections and proper safety checks 
8. Rental income cover 
9. Landlord legal rights protected and enforced 

How We Let Out Your House? 

When we begin the process of letting your home, there are a number of factors that we consider in this regard. So, his helps us in making sure that we understand all your requirements, protect your property in the best possible way and deal with any issues that can arise. 

Conduct Proper Research 

First and foremost, we analyse the market. This involves looking at a similar home to yours and identify how much they are let per month. Setting your rents too high can discourage your potential tenants. 

Prepare Your Property 

Before we make your property available to let, we make sure that it is in good condition. All unwanted items or anything that is outdated, not fit for the purpose is removed. A property that offers a blank canvas tends to appeal more to prospective tenants. Not only the interior, but we also make sure that the exterior of the house is spruced up. This makes it more attractive. 

Arrange Landlord Legal Expenses Insurance 

This insurance will protect the landlords against all the financial losses connected to your rental property. This provides cover for up to £100,000 legal expenses for eviction. So, it includes: 
1. The issue of relevant section notices 
2. Property legal disputes 
3. Repair and renovation disputes 
4. Health and safety investigations and tax investigations 

Assure All The Legal Stuff Is Done 

When you are a landlord, you have to comply with certain industry rules and regulations. They need to adhere to it when letting a property. 
Landlords are required to issue credit and the right to rent check in accordance with immigration laws. They have to take and protect deposits, get all the essential paperwork done, and make sure that the property is safe for the tenant. 
The safety of your tenants is highly important, so you need to get a Gas Safety check every year. Also, landlords need to make sure all home electrical appliances and wiring are regularly tested too. In the end, it goes without saying that your letting property needs to be equipped with smoke alarms on every floor and carbon monoxide detectors where necessary. 
Also, by law, your property should have an EPC (electricity performance certificate). If you don’t, then you won't be able to market the property unless you have this certificate to prove the performance is of the highest standards. So get it as soon as possible, and they are valid for 10 years. 
Our letting agents can also provide assistance in this regard. They will manage everything in an efficient way and without causing any inconvenience. 

Hire Our Services Now! 

So, please email at or call our team on 0121 517 0490 for more information. 
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