This instantaneous feeling of falling in love – when you know instantly – can be as true for houses as it is for humans. It is not unusual for buyers to have an intense and overwhelming feeling, when seeing a house for the first time and feel this is their home. 
There is no wonder the feelings involved are so strong. Purchasing a property coincides with far more emotional weight than any other investment. Your home is indeed very sentimental, where we bring up a family and maybe even an investment that could one day grant you a substantial lump of income. 
There are always great features within each house, there maybe a great deal you can do to help buyers fall in love with it. So you're not going to be blown away to know that a lot comes down to having a significant first impression. 
The evidence is pretty clear: studies from the 1940s to the present are definitive about the "primacy effect" force. It is a psychological phenomenon which means that the first things that you see are the most important hands down. 
First impression, this means the first place people see when coming into you home. The entrance to a house is: your garden, entrance and hallway are likely the perfect way to start if your home needs a freshen up. 
Attention to detail is key, such as making sure nothing is broken, or dirty in and outside. Your doorbell should be working, and is the gate easily opened? Jet washing paths and removing weeds can be the work of an afternoon but may mean selling your house much faster. The garden for most is the make or break make sure that the lawn is clean and mowed. 
You might not think it but a little TLC will go a long way to make your home the next persons family home or even dream home . The same might then apply for you, as you could fall in love with your new home. 
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